Casino Selections

Casino Selections

After the trip through Nevada last time, it’s time to explore other recognized US gambling destinations in our search for the best casino selections. I include Atlantic City, Mississippi and Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun. These casino selections are based on the highest payouts including the preferred 'certified' slots, newest BVS versions placed, lots of slots offered, club card-comp benefits, superior customer service and top-level amenities to include dining, shopping and activities.

Atlantic City

Harrahs consistently leads the pack with highest slot payouts and now with their Total Rewards slot-card promotion--a guaranteed first place. Sands, Tropicana, Trump Plaza, A.C. Hilton and Caesars follow closely behind with slot payout %'s. Most slot clubs offer cash-back benefits, however, for infrequent visitors to AC--be aware the mailed check must be used within 90 days. A.C. is a 'day-trippers' paradise while overnight guests usually choose the summer season for longer stays. For that reason, the casinos are generous with comps for 'bussers' and when you sign on for a slot card, you can almost be guaranteed an invitation for an overnight stay--casinos know that's where the real potential lies.

Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun

In the Connecticut woods sit two casinos--one, the largest in the world with 5800+ machines and nearby Mohegan Sun that most say is cozier and more inviting. As presented in the first Slots Report issue, the payouts for these two casinos were exactly the same, therefore the casino selection comes down to big versus small. A tip of the scale in favor of Foxwoods because between 9/2-10/31, there will be 60 cars given away if you use your Wampum Club card, certainly a consideration.


The state is divided into three gambling jurisdictions: North, South and Coastal including Biloxi, Gulfport and Bay St. Louis where the most casinos are located, thus the most popular destination in the state. Vicksburg, Natchez and Greenville (South Region) boast the higher payouts for nickel and quarter slots. Suggest Harrahs, Ameristar, Isle of Capri and Lady Luck. North Region: Tunica, Lula and Robinsonville. Best casino selection for the area is the Grand with most ‘certified’ dollar slots. Sam’s and Bally’s follow behind. Take note that the area payout %’s are the best in the state for high end $25 and $100 slots, however with low-end payouts, the North is not a prize winner. Coastal--The two Grand casinos in Gulfport and Biloxi are your best choice as in the North by offering more ‘certified’ slots. Also don’t overlook the pair of Casino Magic casinos in Bay St. Louis and Biloxi. Isle of Capri in Biloxi is another twin offering in the state.

Note: I am not now or in the past on the payroll of any casino. The casino selections are based on the criteria above; from readers of my Casino Gambling Made Easier books & booklets, friends and my personal experiences. Highest slot payout percentages from reporting gambling jurisdictions are offered in each issue of the Slots Report, a twice monthly publication.

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There are still some prime US casino selections we have yet to cover and then onward to Canada and the World! Make sure you have your passport ready.

Au Revoir.